Sunday, July 2, 2017

A rose outside of our apartment. When they die they turn black. So pretty.

May 21 at 7:02 PM

여러분 안녕하세요!

That took me way longer than I'd like to admit to type, so I think I'll just go English from here. :) 

I think the most interesting thing that happened to us this week was the mission-wide conference that we had on Thursday. Mark Peterson, a Korean religions expert (I think he's head of the Korean department at BYU) came and gave a presentation on the religions of Korea, with an emphasis on shamanism. Seems random, I know, but it was very insightful as far as how we as missionaries can find commonalities between others' religions and ours and teach off of those. Yay Mark Peterson!

The other half of the conference was a really fun finding activity called "Locate the Seoul South Mission Office". I don't know how many of you served missions, but the longer I'm out in the mission field, the more it is impressed upon me that you do not leave your mission boundaries. So for us in the Korea Seoul mission, that means you don't cross the river. However, the Seoul South Mission Office is a rendezvous point for if North Korea decides to get crazy, so we needed to know where it is, which means that we got to cross the river! It was weird. Cool, but kind of weird. :)

By the way, I don't know how much you're all keeping an eye on the whole North Korea situation. Just so you all know, South Koreans don't seem even slightly concerned. They kind of roll their eyes when someone mentions North Korea (at least, the Koreans that I know do that). President Sonksen also reminded us of something that I take a lot of comfort in: we are led by living Prophets and Apostles who communicate with God through revelation. Missionaries will be out of the country long before any problems occur. President Sonksen also reminded us that this is not a competition to see how long we can stay in the country if there is a problem. So, no worries! The Lord will take care of us!

I love you all! I hope you have a good week!


Sister Chun  

Harmoni dresses are the best things in the whole world.

Hurray for nature! And old people!

Mission-wide conference means that we had some overnight guests! One of the WonJu sisters is also a 전!

Left to right, Sister Kim, Sister Cheon (which is apparently one way that our last name is supposed to be spelled), and Sister Castro.

Isn't my companion so put together?

Enjoying the air conditioning.

Celebrating May birthdays.

One of the May birthdays, Bishop's daughter Minsur.

We were all pretty excited about that cake...

I made this box for the Young Women to put their phones in during class... Needless to say we threw this away and got an actual box.

This is a Hummer, brothers and sisters. These basically don't exist in Korea, so we had to take a picture. Hopefully we didn't weird the driver out...

This man's skills on the Moped astound me. So many of these sketchy transportation ways in Korea. The bikes and scooters follow no laws.

We found a Shaman! (we think)

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