Monday, July 3, 2017

·        Mother's Apology: So sorry you all have so much reading to catch up on...I have been traveling, as you will see. The last entry you read was probably from mid-May. So read and gaze on, and enjoy!

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Jul 2 at 6:28 PM

We are shining with the Spirit. And sweat. So much sweat.

This picture is terrible but yay exchanges! 
Harry Potter castle.
Oh the miracle of exchanges! I was in Imun with Sister Castro, we were handing out fliers for English class, and we saw this girl that no joke looked exactly like Lorin. Cool but weird. We shared the spiritual message in English class (Mormon Message called "Lessons I Learned as a Boy" by President Hinckley). I wasn't really sure, because I'm not familiar with the people who come to English class, but Sister Castro was pretty excited about the results that she saw. Basically, people felt the Spirit and it was awesome. :) I know I felt His presence. (I started feeling nervous, which doesn't usually happen, and I've concluded that it's because the message we were sharing was important for someone to hear.) We were just finishing exchanges, on our way to the rendezvous point, when Sister Choi calls and reports that a potential investigator whom we've been trying to meet with for a couple of weeks was waiting for us at the subway station. She's Mongolian, but she speaks very basic Korean. We taught her SO simply, but as much as she understood she seems good with it. She was excited about the idea that the gospel helps make families happy (one of the last clarifying questions she asked before we parted ways). Isn't that cool? That the gospel is so profoundly simple? It can help us and those we love happy. All we need to do is trust that promise and do what we need to have that happiness. Who knew that McDonald's would be a place for a spiritual experience?

We ate burritos the size of our faces
and it was awesome. Doing it again today. Aw yiah.
We ate ice cream. It was delicious.

Yesterday was really cool. Hurray for Sunday! First off, Uncle Bong Soo visited, so that was fun. I think Bishop Lee was filming my reaction when they came out of the Chapel together when we arrived. After spending a few minutes together Sister Choi leans over to me and tells me that not just my dad or my grandma but my entire family is really fun. That is something I definitely have to agree with. I'm so grateful for the family of which I'm a part!

Also, Uncle Bong Soo visited. It was weird, but nice. ^_^

 Yesterday was sort of on and off rain, but the evening had cleared up, so we decided to go street boarding. This is a finding activity where the missionaries stand with a board that they made and ask people to stick stickers on the board in an effort to begin a gospel conversation. It was going okay, same old same old; the rain turned on again, so we put our umbrellas up. We thought it was going to go away soon after, but no. It started to seem like it wasn't going to let up, so we were deciding to go home, making some last-ditch efforts at getting people to stop and stick a sticker. Our enthusiastic greeting stopped this girl who had been hurrying by without an umbrella. As soon as she saw that Sister Choi offered her own, reassuring the girl that I had one and we could walk together. The girl was sort of dumbstruck that these two cheesy-grinning strangers would offer an umbrella like that. We gave her our number and off she went. We left soon after and bumped into on the way home. She had just finished sending us a text that asked us to let her treat us to dinner ("Please don't say no!"); we once again reassured her that she could take the umbrella and off she went. One of the last things she said was "I love you two so much!" It was adorable, and we might get a free meal, so that's kind of nice. ;) Going home from that experience my heart was so light, despite how wet everything was (my shoes may or may not be ruined. Hopefully they can dry out in this humid weather). It really is amazing how happy you can feel when you serve others.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Choi of the Seventy visited us at our ward building! There were several zones of missionaries there, of course, but what was really neat was that Elder Choi and Sister Ku first met in Dongdaemun ward building (the first stake organized in Korea). 신기하죠? The training was fantastic, but I think I'll have to save that for next week. :) I'm out of time now, but I love you all! Hope you have a good week!


Sister Chun

How is my companion not the cutest!
I made a case for my Book of Mormon!

Practicing for the musical number we performed
at the conference with Elder Choi. It actually went okay.

If you can zoom in at this picture, that banner definitely says
Don't Die without Jesus It's Hell. Well, they're not technically wrong.

Sister Choi made Bulgogi!

The chins wanted to say hi.

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