Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pictures (no letter)
May 7 at 7:35 PM

Sorry that I didn't really write a letter specifically for the blog... But here are some pictures!

 This is the adorable Sister Boss and the delicious Yogerpress that was delicious on my taste buds.

Celebrating the fact that I'm one step closer to being a certified teacher!

Exchanges with Sister Davis! She goes home at the end of this transfer... ㅠㅠ.

Sister Boss made 떡볶이 (duk boki) from scratch, and it was delicious.

Sister Castro of Imun!

Sister Arcillia of Imun!

These poor Asian men were on stilts blowing balloons and making balloon animals all day.

Elder Burdett got tired holding the board 
(but somebody actually stopped after he kimchi squatted down)...
hurray for creative ways to do missionary work!

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