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      Hello Everyone!

My companion, Sister Choi. Look at her cuteness! Her glasses are also really cute...

      Sister Boss got to Gyomun safely, she and Sister Charenkhet (I have no idea how to spell that, and since she's from Thailand, I only know how to say it with Korean pronunciation...) are probably having a blast over there.

      In the mean time, Sister Choi has come and she is SO CUTE. I can't even handle her Korean adorableness. But! She is also one of the best examples of quiet dignity that I've encountered, I think. She is so positive and so patient... I'm going to learn a lot from her this transfer, I think.

       Remember how I mentioned I was area senior again (good, because I didn't)? Well, it's going well, but man, sometimes I feel like I don't have a brain. We were coming home from streetboarding last night, just Sister Choi and I, and a journey that should've taken 25-30 minutes took about 40. *facepalm* Not my greatest moments. It was okay, though, because as previously mentioned, Sister Choi is super patient, especially when her companion is a little bit of a 바보...

       We met with two new investigators this week, and we have an appointment with a referral later this week, so that's exciting! Sister Boss and I were talking about who might come this transfer (you know, back when we were expecting me to leave), and we both thought that having an actual from-Korea Korean here would be really good. Brothers and Sisters, it's been really good. Good for me, good for the area... just good. And it helps that that from-Korea Korean is Sister Choi. :)

       We have been challenged to read the Doctrine & Covenants this transfer with the focus of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (highlighting faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). I forgot how much I like D&C. There have been a couple of verses that popped out at me, but here's one I wanted to share (and could remember off the top of my head, since I don't have my notes with me ^_^). D&C 11:20 "Behold, this is your work, to keep my commandments, yea, with all your might, mind and strength." For those of you familiar with missionary work, the phrase "heart, might, mind and strength" might ring a bell (see D&C 4). This verse is so short and so simple. When pondering a little deeper, I thought of attitude. "This is your work, to keep my commandments". Great! I can do that. But! If I keep those commandments "with all my might, mind and strength", not only is it easier, but I can recognize and be more grateful for the promised blessings that I will receive.

      Sometimes I wonder why Heavenly Father works like that. Why not just give me what I want? Why does growth and change have to be so hard, or scary, or painful? But then I just remember that I'm not a parent, and I'm sure Heavenly Father knows what He's doing far better than I could guess. So, for the time being, I have no idea the way that He thinks, but that's okay. I can trust in Him and everything will be alright.

       I love you all! I hope you have a good week!

       Sister Chun

We saw a Dalmation!!!


This handsome boy... Definitely hanging on my wall now.

MVI_0689_You know you're in Korea when...

Oh, Korea... This woman was exercising. I was judging her a little bit. And then Sister Boss joined her. And then when she left, I joined Sister Boss. Brothers and Sisters, we need these in American gyms, because it felt SO good. ​

Roses in Korea. 'Nuff said.
       Also, my family went on a Levi-graduated-from-high-school-and-Lorin-graduated-from-high-school-AND-college-and-my-parents-celebrated-their-30th-wedding-anniversary family cruise, so I included some pictures from that. Logan, Lacy and Brandon, Lorin and her sweetie - Josh Nielsen, Levi, our cousin Alex, and Mom and Dad all rendezvoused at Long Beach, CA., to get on a Carnival Cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada. They had a blast! I plan to make them take me on a family cruise when I get back! ^^

And here are the cruise pictures.... Bonus!

Lorin & Josh

Alex & Levi

 Brandon & Lacy

 Catalina Clowns

 Cute couple!

 Just showing off...


The Mama

 Cold sand on Catalina in May.

Trip to the privy.

 Intrepid Logan

 Catalina shoppers.

 Having fun!

 Peace out.

  Getting ready to board La Bufadora bus in Ensenada, bound to see an ocean geyser and sample the churros and fish/shrimp tacos at the open market.

 In the courtyard of the Riviera del Pacifica of Ensenada, 
historic hotel and one-time destination for celebrities, bootleggers, and gamblers.

Not shoppers.

 Touring the Riviera del Pacifico.

 Something wasn't tasty...

 Cruisin' the open market near La Bufadora.

The Papa

 Hallelujah for fish tacos and tour guides with clout....

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